Straightening of concrete wall
3 x 4 x 3/8 angle iron bolted to wall, cracks cutout and patched

Stihl 038 Magnum cylinder (52 mm) is modified to fit on 038 Super (50 mm)
Base of cylinder is cut off of old cylinder and turned to 52 mm

Old base is inserted into new cylinder and used for pattern to redrill holes in new cylinder

Stream bank repair - Halstead PA - Damage caused by heavy rains in 2006

Storm Water Control Dams - Elmira NY - Structures are near the top of mountains - more are planned at lower elevations

Sand mounds Presque Isle - Erie PA - Filter system for rest rooms - Old ones had plugged up

Fishing pier - Kinzua Dam, Warren PA

Install access hatch & Line a dust collector with HDPE sheet - with welded seams

Montegut, LA - Sheet pile and Levee repair - Damage caused by hurricane Rita

Concrete that matched existing doors and had two slopes

Driveway upgrade - water used to run through the garage

Fredrick flood control

Lincoln Illinois McDonalds